Our Successful Stories

I was very lucky to meet Majida on my trip to New York. It was a lifetime experience for me. She gave me deep insight and helped me recognize my own spiritual power within myself.

I realized that I have true power to create whatever I desired to be and make my own destiny by changing perspective on what is happening in my life. Thank you Majida for giving me strength to believe in myself. One would be so lucky to meet Majida and experience her gift of giving.

Nonna Fleischer – Toronto, Canada

“ You have given me unconditional love, support and confort! You made me feel sensual, loved
And cared for! I felt at ease and comfortable talking to you about my personal life!
You listened to me and devoted yourself and time to me, Thank you “

Jane – Engelwood, NJ

You are very prolific when discussing social issues… in particular, ones that affect the under dogs of our society.
I feel comfortable talking with you about anything.
You have helped me to become a selfless person… to always help disadvantaged people, without conditions.
To be open minded, tolerant and forgiving.
You are exceptionally good at listening. You lead by example. You can effectively come up with solutions to sole personal issues and social issues.
I would ask and gratefully accept your advise on just about anything… I respect your ideas and opinions and I’m forever grateful most of all that you’re my good friend

Kervin Maule – Brooklyn NY

You give me strength and courage. You make me feel good about myself each time I felt down. You help me stay positive!!


Lamyae Laghrissi – Orlando, Florida

I will wrap everything about you in one bundle,
You are strong independent woman who stand for what you believe in.
You go after your dreams and don’t let anyone or anything stop you and you don’t settle for less.
You’re straight forward,kind, compassion and
honest person.
If I have to come to you with a problem I know you will help me with a clear vision and give me a solution.
You will fight for others and always give a lending hand and a shoulder to lean on.

Issues I will talk to you
Is about my life mainly from the time I got married and all the heartaches and struggle I ended

Peggy Horila – Queens, NY
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